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Frequently Asked Questions

hikingHere are some of the most commonly asked questions for park staff at Jockey's Ridge. If you don't see an answer to your question here feel free to contact the staff at 252-441-7132.

Can we picnic at Jockey's Ridge?
Yes. There are eight picnic shelters. Each shelter has two tables and a grill. Drinking water and restrooms are located nearby. Use of the shelters is free unless reservations are requested.

Is it dangerous to be on the dunes in inclement weather?
Lighting can come quickly with out warning and strike with in 20 miles. In case of thunder and lightning the park staff will sound a siren. If you are in the park and hear the siren please make your way to the visitors center or your vehicle as quickly and safely as possible. No one will be allowed back on Jockey's Ridge until the storm has passed.

Is there over night camping at Jockey's Ridge?
No. Jockey's Ridge is a daytime use park. We have no overnight accommodations.

Can we walk up the dunes without our shoes?
Park staff encourages all visitors to use sandals or shoes when visiting the dunes. Sand temperatures in the summer can be anywhere from 10-20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Please remember when visiting to use sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

kitesCan we fly kites on the dunes?
YES!! In fact Jockey's Ridge is one of the best places on the OBX to fly kites. Rangers would like to remind you; please do not fly kites near power lines, in the parking lot or on the dune closest to the highways.

Can we sand-board at Jockey's Ridge?
Sand-boarding is allowed at Jockey's Ridge. Depending on the type of sand-board that you have you may or may not need a permit. Check with the park office for more information.

Are there jobs available at Jockey's Ridge?
Jockey's Ridge does have seasonal positions available. Some of these positions provide housing. For more information about a job at Jockey's Ridge click here.

Can we bring or rent 4 wheelers for driving on the dunes?
Because Jockey's Ridge is a protected environment we do not allow any type of vehicle or four wheelers on the dunes.

petsCan we bring our pets to Jockey's Ridge?
Pets are allowed in the park. However they are not permitted inside the buildings. Please remember a few safety rules. Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet. And remember to be considerate of other park visitors and clean up after your pet.

Can we hang-glide at Jockey's Ridge?
hang gliding Hang-gliding is permitted at the park. You must have a valid USHGA rating and need to check into the park office for a permit. Permits are free of charge. Please call the park office for more information. If you would like hang-gliding lessons visit Kitty Hawk Kites.

What are fulgurites?
Fulgurites are hollow tubes that are formed when lighting strikes the sand. There are examples of them in the museum. Please remember that Jockey's Ridge is a protected natural area and no plant, animal or vegetation is to be disturbed or removed from the park. If you find a fulgurite while visiting the park please notify park staff.

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